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Linda NovackA message from Linda Novack, Founder and Principal

Thank you for your interest in leadership development and corporate training from Novack and Associates. For 20 years, I have helped my clients achieve extraordinary business results and build better lives.

Your company has invested time and resources to attract top leadership talent.  I will partner with you to develop, leverage, and retain this talent, your most valuable resource – with the ultimate goal of creating a thriving and sustainable enterprise.

What makes Novack and Associates different?

Coaching and training tailored just for you. No generic “five steps” or “eight habits.” We will develop a program that meets your unique challenges.
Expert coaches only. You will always work directly with me, a Master Certified Coach. If appropriate, I will consult with or refer you to an experienced associate with expertise in the area of your concerns.
Real-world experience. You will benefit from my specialized knowledge of how adults best learn and grow. For nine years, as an internal coach, consultant and trainer, I coached top leaders and trained teams at Hughes Space & Communication Company. As an external consultant, I have helped hundreds of managers, executives and organizations in a variety of industries.
Novack and Associates is driven by a commitment to provide useful tools and insightful strategies to improve the quality of your business and personal life. I invite you to explore this website to learn more about our specific services and read testimonials from past clients. When you are ready to get started, simply e-mail me or call me at 310.454.2886. We will discuss your goals and design a coaching program or workshop just for you and your organization.

Wishing you every success,

Linda Novack