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Coaching Assessments: Identify Your Strengths and Opportunities

BehaviorsAccelerate your leadership development with our powerful, cost-effective assessment tools. You can order one or all of the assessments for yourself, your team, or your entire organization. The results will be delivered online or in an optional (but highly recommended!) debrief session.  These tools are also an important part of Novack & Associate’s individual coaching packages.

TTI Behaviors and Motivators Assessment

Clearly understand your strengths, potential blind spots, and areas for improvement. In an in-depth, non-judgmental report, you’ll learn:

  • HOW you perform (behaviors). See your work styles and how they impact your relationships with others. Learn how to collaborate more effectively with colleagues.
  • WHY you do what you do (motivators). Identify your personal values, and how they drive your career.

TTI Emotional Quotient Assessment

Leverage your emotional awareness for effectiveness in the workplace. Learn to apply the power and acumen of your emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. Wouldn’t you like to know how to avoid making high-risk decisions by understanding how your emotions might be influencing your choices!

Leadership360-Degree Feedback

Get valuable performance feedback from your supervisor, peers, direct reports, coworkers and customers. I will combine the confidential responses, plus your own self-assessment, into an insightful, in-depth report. Then we will work together to interpret the results and construct a targeted professional developmental plan.

The 360-Degree feedback can optionally utilize one-on-one confidential interviews in lieu of or in combination with the feedback survey

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